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Korean Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery (Suture Upper Blepharoplasty)

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Here at Dream Plastic Surgery, Korean Style Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery is one of the top requested procedures. Also known as Suture Upper Blepharoplasty, this 20 minutes procedure is generally suitable for individuals with less fatty tissue and minimal signs of skin laxity on the upper eyelids.

Who is suitable for Korean Non-incisional Double Eyelid Surgery?

This procedure can help to address the following concerns:

  • Create double eyelids for monolid individuals
  • Define faint eyelid creases
  • Eliminate multiple eyelid folds
  • Expose hidden double eyelid creases
  • Correct uneven crease height on both eyelids
  • Address multiple concerns as stated above


  • Suture method causes less trauma hence there is less bruising compared to the cutting method
  • Creates clean lines
  • Able to achieve low to medium double eyelid crease for a more natural look
  • Requires short recovery time
  • Double eyelid procedure takes only 20 mins
  • Done under local anesthesia for quicker post-surgery recovery
  • Can be combined with medial canthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty or droopy eyelid correction to create bigger looking eyes

The Korean Technique For Non-Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

At Dream Singapore, our surgeons are well-versed with Korean double eyelid techniques which originate from Dream Medical Group (Seoul). Dream surgeons use the same Korean techniques to create natural, long-lasting double eyelids on our A-List clientele who require almost no downtime so they can resume their busy lifestyles quickly.

Double eyelids are created by weaving the suture underneath the skin in an interlocking pattern to create long lasting and clean lines.

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Why Dream Plastic Surgery?

  • Dream is the first and only authentic Korean plastic surgery clinic in Singapore with a MOH-certified day surgery center.
  • Dream’s plastic surgeons have been performing double eyelid surgeries for at least 19 years or more. Click here to find out more about our plastic surgeons.
  • Dream Plastic Surgery is under the same holding company as Dream Medical Group, Seoul. Our surgeons and medical team have instant access to the latest surgery techniques, keeping us abreast with the latest trends and plastic surgery developments in Korea. Learn more about the Dream Story here.
  • To ensure professionalism, safety and quality patient care, Dream surgeons are accompanied by an experienced nursing team so patients can have ultimate peace-of-mind.

Surgery Method


The non-incisional method, also referred to as the Suture Upper Blepharoplasty provides the advantage of creating natural double eyelids without surgery lines with a rapid recovery time. Done through a small incision of 1-2mm, this procedure relies heavily on the handling precision of the suture-and-loop operation and can only be performed by highly skilled specialists. Hollowed or heavy eyelids can be corrected with this method as fat can be removed, moved or placed through the incision point. Individuals suffering from blepharoptosis – drooping or falling of the eyelid - can see significant improvements using this method.

The non-incisional double eyelid surgery method is sometimes confused with a variety of names, as if they were totally different surgical procedures. After the non-incisional method was known to the world, a number of blepharoplasty variations have come about, and Dream is equipped with relevant experience after working with various double eyelid surgery techniques. The technique used at Dream was devised from our past experience, and has minimized the probability of “released eyelids”, that is losing the look of having double eyelids. Double eyelids cannot be created solely with a line over the eyes. The doctor’s artistic sense and surgical skills are essential to changing the whole look of the face and the eyes through double eyelid surgery.

By burying the suture using a small incision of 1-2 mm, the minimal incision burial method connects the skin of the eyelids with the levator muscle – the muscle responsible for elevating the upper eyelid. From the outermost incision, excessive fat can be removed or added through fat transplant, which helps to adjust the thickness of the eyelids, effectively correcting the blepharoptosis.

1. Before surgery
Markings will be made on your upper eyelids prior to the procedure.

2. During surgery
Sutures are weaved in a interlocking pattern to create lasting double eyelids.

3. After Surgery
Double eyelids are created and our medical team will bring you through the steps and instructions on post-surgical care as well as your medication needs.

Common Misconception

The suture method has an unfounded reputation for double eyelids that are easily loosened, but this rarely happens when highly skilled specialists are the ones performing the operation. Dream has reduced the likelihood of double eyelids being released through using a loop formation and precise handling of the suture based on out specialists' expetise. Even if the double eyelids eventually release or loosen after the procedure, they can be restored with a simple suture.

Preparing For Your Consultation At Dream

A proper consultation with the surgeon is crucial for us to understand your expectations and concerns before recommending an appropriate treatment solution for you. Do allocate a little more time for your first consult as we go through the following steps with you.

  1. Understand your concerns and expectations
  2. Personal assessment of your eyelid condition
  3. Recommending appropriate procedures and discuss potential outcomes from the surgery
  4. Address any other concerns you may have regarding the treatment plan
  5. Explain the pre- and post-surgery requirements you should be aware of

Contact our clinic in Singapore to learn more about double eyelid surgery

If you would like to view some before & after pictures or find out if our Korean style double eyelid procedure is right for you, contact us at 65 6871 8888 or fill in our enquiry form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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