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Blepharoplasty by A Professional Singapore-Based Team

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Double eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a quick and simple procedure. Read how Dream Plastic Surgery can help you achieve natural double eyelids with either the incisional or burial method.

Creating double eyelids using the burial
(intradermal suture) method

The burial method, also referred to as the Intradermal Suture Method provides the advantage of creating natural double eyelids without surgery lines with a rapid recovery time. Done through a small incision of 1-2mm, this procedure relies heavily on the handling precision of the suture-and-loop operation and can only be performed by highly skilled specialists. Hollowed or heavy eyelids can be corrected with this method as fat can be removed, moved or placed through the incision point. Individuals suffering from blepharoptosis – drooping or falling of the eyelid - can see significant improvements using this method.

The burial method is sometimes confused with a variety of names, as if they were totally different surgical procedures. After the burial method was known to the world, a number of blepharoplasty variations have come about, and Dream is equipped with relevant experience after working with various double eyelid surgery techniques. The technique used at Dream was devised from our past experience, and has minimized the probability of “released eyelids”, that is losing the look of having double eyelids. Double eyelids cannot be created solely with a line over the eyes. The doctor’s artistic sense and surgical skills are essential to changing the whole look of the face and the eyes through double eyelid surgery.


  • Create a clear, natural line
  • Shortened recovery time with no scarring
  • Effectively corrects blepharoptosis


The burial method has an unfounded reputation for double eyelids that are easily loosened, but this rarely happens when highly skilled specialists are the ones performing the operation. Dream has reduced the likelihood of double eyelids being released through using a loop formation and precise handling of the suture based on our specialists' expertise. Even if the double eyelids eventually release or loosen after the procedure, they can be restored with a simple suture.


Surgical method

By burying the suture using a small incision of 1-2 mm, the minimal incision burial method connects the skin of the eyelids with the levator muscle – the muscle responsible for elevating the upper eyelid. From the outermost incision, excessive fat can be removed or added through fat transplant, which helps to adjust the thickness of the eyelids, effectively correcting the blepharoptosis.

1. Before surgery


2. During surgery

3. After surgery

Blepharoplasty Using The Incisional Method

This method of blepharoplasty utilises an incision along the double eyelid lines, removing drooped or excessive skin, fat, and muscle. Hollowed skin and fat as well as heavy and thick muscles can be trimmed off to create slim double eyelids.

The appropriate variation of the incisional blepharoplasty is determined with reference to eye size, eyelid tissue status, the presence and severity of blepharoptosis, and the patient's expectations. Pre-operative counselling procedures are necessary to help decide if this method is suitable based on the following:

  • If a double eyelid line is not made well with a simple tool that holds it temporarily.
  • If there is too much excess skin
  • If scars are severe after any previous surgery with the incision method or if the double eyelids are too high
  • If the blepharoptosis is severe

Surgery takes about 1-2 hours, and all seams are removed between four and five days after the procedure. Swelling resulting from an incisional blepharoplasty requires more time to subside than the burial method, but patients may resume their regular activities after around five to seven days. Since the muscles are not excessively removed, the scars from the incision will not leave a hollow line. Also, a very thin suture is used so the scar is barely noticeable. On closed eyes, they appear naturally as if they were fine wrinkles on a forehead. This method is conducted mainly for people with thicker or heavier eyelids.

  • Natural, beautiful & clean lines
  • Clear eyes
  • Natural appearance without any scars
  • Tight control after surgery

Surgical method

There are many variations of incisional blepharoplasty, such as creating synechia (adhesion) with an eye muscle or with an eyelid plate. Our surgeon arranges the original eyelid tissue anatomically and utilises both the eyelid muscle and plate, combining two eyelid surgery methods for more natural results.

1. Before surgery


2. Incise the excessive skin, orbicular muscle of eyes, and fat according to the double eyelid line and arrange the drooping septum and eyelid muscle.

eyelid surgery

3. Natural double eyelid line created.

double eyelid surgery singapore

4. Low scar visibility after surgery.

blepharoplasty singapore

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