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Breast Lift Surgery

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Drooping breasts result in low set nipples (lower than the normal height). Drooping breasts are classified into 3 categories according to the degree of drooping. Drooping breasts can be caused by ageing, the after-effects of childbirth or breast-feeding.

Drooping breasts used to be considered a normal part of the natural ageing process. But these days more people are becoming interested in maintaining a youthful breast shape as well as breast volume as a person's image becomes more important. If one has no plans on giving birth and breast-feeding in the future, she may consider undergoing surgery to raise breasts that are droopy.

Surgery Method

Breast-lift surgery raises the position of abnormally drooping breasts and the nipple-areolar tissue to the normal position without changing the breast volume.

Surgery methods for correcting drooping breasts can be largely classified into two categories. One method raises drooping breasts by increasing the breast size. The other does not involve changing the breast size. Both are mostly needed for drooping breasts caused by ageing or childbirth. If the breast size is originally moderate, drooping breasts can be corrected by incising surplus skin. Generally for breast-lift surgery, areola or the bottom of the breasts are incised.

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