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Dr.Dream Cosmeceuticals

dr dream dermatological skin care

We offer dr. dream®, a skin care line developed after research by our team at Dr. Dream Inc. dr. dream® range of skin care products focus on concerns such as anti-ageing, whitening and general care. Our products contain natural active ingredients that will aid your skin in achieving more radiant, soft and supple skin. Explore dr. dream® and let its products bring you closer to your ideal complexion.

Why choose dr. dream®?

All dr. dream® skincare products are formulated with natural ingredients with no synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrance, artificial pigment, ethanol and petroleum oil. Dr. dream® comprises of unique essential ingredients that promise amazing visible results. The patented ingredient, 5 Phyto-Complex, gives dr. dream® products their natural fragrance. The Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex™ (DNWG Complex™) effectively enhances skin repair and regeneration, and the 100% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate ‘Plazma’ provides the skin with optimum elasticity and brightness from within for a crystal clear skin.

Dream Nanogen Wrinkle Grinding Complex™

DDI developed an effective skin solution for anti-wrinkle care.The Peptide Complex prevents wrinkles and loss of elasticity caused by oxygen free radicals and the deterioration of growth factors in the skin, which is the main cause of skin aging.

100% Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate: ‘Plazma’
‘Plazma’ replaces water as a base ingredient in dr. dream’s formula. It provides the skin with optimum elasticity and brightness from within through advanced results achieved in the science of fermentation via a two-step fermenting and filtering technology.

The effective whitening and brightening properties of ‘Plazma’ will be the new essential for future beauty treatments. You will be able to achieve almost crystal clear skin with dr. dream Cold Plazma Whitening Serum & Cream.


The 5 phyto-complex is a patented formula used as a natural fragrance and emollient in dr. dream dermatological skincare products Developed with natural plant extracts, this formula provides the skin with natural nutrients to promote its overall health and hydration. The 5 phyto-complex is also a hypoallergenic formula that also gives dermatitis relief with its anti-inflammatory properties.

High Quality Ingredients
• Biotechnology advancements have shown that the Multi Growth Factors are more than 95% pure, which improve the ability for skin tissue reparation and regeneration.

2)Prominent Efficacy
• Proven combination through scientific research
• Contains high content of key ingredients to achieve optimum results in anti-wrinkle & whitening treatment, often within 2-4 weeks.

3)Adopted as one of the most critical breakthroughs In Protein Synthesis
• Applied NNCD (Natural Nano Capture Delivery) System
• Special lecithin-based nano particles containing capsule DNWG Complex™ integrate harmoniously with the existing nano particles in the skin, enhancing the effectiveness of the product.

Advanced Anti-Ageing Care

Cold Plazma Whitening Care

General Care