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Dream Formula

Dream Formula

Under Dream Formula, we have different series of cosmeceuticals, each with their own focus to address and improve specific skin concerns. They harmonise with our treatments and provides skin care solutions to help you achieve healthier looking skin. Experience the Dream Formula transformation and let its products bring you closer to your ideal complexion.

Dream Formula Products At A Glance:

  • Puritox Acne Care to soothe and tame, bringing troubled skin under control
  • Neo-Naturalism Mask for hydration, whitening and improved skin vitality
  • Dream Prestige Stem Cell Mask with stem cell technology to invigorate and revitalize your skin
  • Peeling Gel, a gentle exfoliator to remove dullness and bring out your natural radiance
  • W+ Cream, a multi-purpose whitening cream for a pearlescent complexion

Dream Prestige Stem Cell Mask

New age Stem Cell masks help to accelerate cell renewal and repair to bring about better rejuvenation results. It contains more bioactive ingredients which help to relieve troubled skin, improve the skin's ability to defend itself from active oxygen which is considered to be the main cause of skin ageing, and prevents proliferation of harmful substances which can cause hypersensitive reactions on skin.

This mask series comes in 7 different variants, each with their unique invigorating and revitalising abilities:
  • Green Tea Stem Cell Black Mask destresses and soothes skin. Recommended for irritated or sensitive skin prone to redness
  • Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask revitalises and nourishes. Recommended for normal to dry skin, or for use before makeup application to reduce likelihood of caking.
  • Edelweiss Stem Cell Dual Mask to improve skin elasticity and facial contours. Recommended for lifting and improving a sagging faceline, improving skin elasticity and smoothening of lines over the face and neck.
  • Ginseng Stem Cell Mask for anti-ageing and whitening. Recommended to brighten dark or dull skin, smoothen fine lines, correct uneven skin tone caused by dark circles, pigmentations or blemishes.
  • Rose of Jericho Stem Cell Mask for intense hydration. Recommended for dehydrated skin, or for skin that dries easily after regular application of moisturisers.
  • Green Tea Stem Cell Eye Patch to destress and soothe eye contours. Recommended for one concerned with fine lines or wrinkles, skin elasticity problems and dullness around the eyes.
  • Rose of Jericho Stem Cell Lip Patch for intense hydration. Recommended for dry and chapped lips.

Dream Formula

Neo-Naturalism Masks