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With today’s medical advancements, there are many treatment solutions for different stages of acne problems. At our clinic, we understand that each individual has different skin conditions and healing abilities, we customize personal treatment programs so the skin receives the remedy it really needs for optimal care and results.

There are various solutions for different levels of acne breakout and scaring.

Controlling Breakouts with Medication and Acne Laser Treatment

Depending on the severity of the acne problem, it can be controlled using a combination of the following oral medication, topical and laser treatments:

  • Oral medication to calm acne-prone skin, control sebum production and reduce skin inflammation.
  • Anti-acne facials to remove dead skin cells, reduce bacteria build-up and speed up the skin renewal process.
  • Light therapy with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to eliminate bacteria responsible for acne breakouts.
  • Acne laser treatments to tighten pores, reduce inflammation, exfoliate, reduce sebum production, prevent new breakouts, and remove black or white heads for a pore-deep cleaning effect.

The treatments can help to bring down acne activity, prevent new breakouts and is a vital step to prevent unsightly scars. During the course of treatment, individuals may need to change their skin care regime and include acne control cosmeceuticals to complement their recovery program. This service is available through Dream Singapore.

Acne Scar Removal and Lightening with Lasers

Individuals with acne history may have remaining scars or skin discoloration, ice pick scars, rolling scars or box car scars. The scars can be treated by our professionals with different types of lasers. After sequential scar lightening treatments, it can improve skin discoloration and reduce the depressions responsible for the uneven skin tone and texture

In cases where there is severe depression, fractional laser or other lasers administered on the surface of the skin has its limitations. As a result, they produce less significant improvements. Treating scars with severe depressions will require laser subscision to rejuvenate the scars inside out. This acne scar treatment method produces much better results and can bring about dramatic improvements to the skin texture, appearance and elasticity.

Laser subcision is done by running a laser probe between both the upper and lower layers of the skin. This helps to induce collagen regeneration and acne scar removal or remodeling by encouraging the body’s natural healing mechanisms to replace damaged scar tissue with healthy, non-pigmented tissue. The natural healing process will remove unsightly scars, pigmented markings and smoothen pock marks. In most cases, it takes one acne scar treatment to improve depressions and one should expect around 7 days’ downtime.

Speak to the experienced staff at Dream Singapore and get the assistance you need to look your very best.

Surgical Solutions For Acne Scar Removal

For individuals who are open to surgical options, dermal grafting would be a faster and more effective way to address severe acne scars. More information can be found here.

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