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Recently, we have had a few unfavorable reviews of our clinic on Google’s search pages. Based on our detailed checks, they were posted by individuals who have never been to our clinic. We have strong suspicions that someone is trying to negatively affect our reputation. We take a serious view of such baseless, fraudulent reviews and are currently investigating the matter.

Google is an open platform which makes the reviewing process easily available to the public, but it unfortunately does not verify the authenticity of these reviewers if they were truly our clients or otherwise. We would like to suggest that visitors to Google’s review pages be discerning about reviews and related content available online. We have reported this issue to Google for further investigation and have taken steps to identify these fraudulent reviews with a hashtag #FalseReviewDPS in our replies for easy recognition. If you happen to be a patient of ours and your review has been mistaken for a fraudulent one, please drop us an email at with your name and IC number for further verification and we will remove the hashtag accordingly. More importantly, we would be able to focus resources to attend to feedback which we have verified to be authentic.

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Myths About Plastic Surgery in Singapore - Part 2

False statements about plastic surgery are all over the internet. At Dream, we want you to discover the truth so that you can make informed decisions prior to your procedures! If you are back to discover more truths about plastic surgery, you won't be disappointed!

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Myths About Plastic Surgery in Singapore - Part 1

You have seen bloggers write their reviews about plastic surgery and perhaps have a friend who has tried a lunchtime procedure, but is plastic surgery in Singapore really what you think it is? Separating the facts from fiction, here are some myths worth busting regarding plastic surgery.

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Does Your Skin Care Have The Right Factors For Anti-ageing

If you have been experiencing signs of ageing and have been searching for an anti-ageing skin care range that works, this is one skincare range worth considering.

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What NOT TO DO Right Before Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated festivals among the Chinese community in Singapore. It is a time where you can get yourself thoroughly soaked in the festive mood, enjoy feasting on festive goodies like bak kwa and love letters while re-connecting with your family members. This is the time to put your best face forward – it is your yearly opportunity to impress your relatives! To look ready for this BIG festive event of the year, here are five key things you MUST NOT do before New Year’s Day!

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Story of Dream

Story of Dream Founded in 1999 by Dr Yang-Soo Park, Dream Medical Group (DMG) Korea was built on the expertise of accredited surgeons from Seoul National University, which boasts the finest plastic surgery program in Korea. DMG continues to grow towards being the leader and innovator in this field. It prides itself on quality and focuses on providing bespoke approaches in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Despite being one of the most sought-after clinics with the largest A-List clientele in Korea, DMG maintains its ethical values and continuous commitment to quality and excellence. Today, DMG has grown from a two-surgeon clinic to a multi-surgeon practice that also offers aesthetic dentistry, dermatology and cosmeceuticals based on years of research and...

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