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Maintaining Youthful Peepers In Your 30s

When you are in your 30s, not only do you have to deal with fine lines and wrinkles, but also skin laxity issues. You will probably need to look at treatments that targets wrinkles, skin tightening and firming around the eye.

Anti-wrinkle Injection and Fillers

A mix of both anti-wrinkle injection and fillers will address wrinkles and fine lines. Anti-wrinkle injections around the brow area generally lift your brows and make eyes appear more open and awake. If you experience slight hollowness, fillers will be able to compensate for any loss of volume.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

WULSERA, our HIFU treatment, is suitable for individuals if you are concerned with droopy eye lids. Wavelengths are delivered to the subcutaneous layer of your skin to speed up the natural cycle of your collagen production process, tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. After one treatment, eyes appear more alert and open, skin around the upper eyelid feels tighter and lifted as a result of the treatment’s firming effects. Over time, with a new supply of collagen, skin feels smoother and wrinkles also appear softer. Results will peak in the third month and continue to improve over time. With proper maintenance and care, you can preserve your youthful look for up to 18 months.

Combined Radio Frequency (RF) & High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) Treatment

Our WULSAWMA treatment offers you the best of both worlds. Combining the benefits of both RF and HIFU, this powerful combo addresses multiple concerns with almost no down time. The key benefit of this treatment is its ability to rejuvenate your skin’s structure around they eye area by thickening the deeper layers of your skin. On top of skin rejuvenation, this treatment targets the fibroblast beneath your skin. These fibroblasts are responsible for producing fresh new collagen and elastic fibres to tighten, smoothen and create a natural lifting effect.

With a fresh new supply of collagen, elastic fibres and rejuvenated skin cells, you will find your peepers looking younger, less wrinkled and more alert. Results are most noticeable at the third month after treatment, and skin condition around the eye will continue to improve or be maintained for up to 2 years.

Threads for Volume Enhancement

Volume enhancement around the eye can be done using KKUM Threads. Before the procedure, the doctor will identify areas that need more volume. Multiple threads are then inserted beneath the skin to plump up the skin. These threads will eventually dissolve, creating cavities for your own collagen to grow in place of the threads. With a new supply of collagen, skin around the eye is naturally plumper and wrinkles will also be less visible.

Laser Lift

For some where eye bags are a concern, you may consider our laser lift treatment, KKUM Lift. The presence of eye bags can be due to genetic reasons, water retention or ageing. If treated early, when the skin’s elasticity is still good, you are able to achieve a natural rejuvenated look. The Laser lift breaks down unwanted fat tissues and remodels collagen within your skin to tauten and smoothen the skin below your eyes. Usually performed under general anesthesia, it will require 7 to 10 days downtime for swelling to subside.

Plastic Surgery in Singapore: The Story of Dream

Story of Dream Founded in 1999 by Dr Yang-Soo Park, Dream Medical Group (DMG) Korea was built on the expertise of accredited top plastic surgeons from Seoul National University, which boasts the finest plastic surgery program in Korea. DMG continues to grow towards being the leader and innovator in this field. It prides itself on quality and focuses on providing bespoke approaches in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Despite being one of the most sought-after clinics with the largest A-List clientele in Korea, DMG maintains its ethical values and continuous commitment to quality and excellence. Today, DMG has grown from a two-surgeon clinic to a multi-surgeon practice that also offers aesthetic dentistry, dermatology and cosmeceuticals based on years of research and...

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