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Causes of Dark Circles That Have Nothing to Do with the Lack of Sleep

It is not uncommon to look into the mirror and be greeted by frustrating dark circles underneath the eyes. Whether they're faint shadows or dark smudges, under-eye circles can make you look exhausted or much older than you really are.

While we all know that a lack of sleep can cause these dark circles, this isn’t the case for everyone and certainly not the sole reason for its existence. Here are the other reasons why!



Under-eye hollowness can be caused by the nature of your bone structure, deficient under-eye fat pad, or both. It could be due to a genetic issue or due to the natural process of ageing. This hollowness causes shadows to appear which gives the appearance of dark circles.

Fortunately, under-eye filler injections can effectively minimize the appearance of such dark circles by restoring volume to hollow areas and thickening the skin between your bluish veins and the skin’s surface so your dark circles become less obvious.

 Sinus infection

Blocked nasal passages can cause the look of dark eye circles as veins from your eyes to your nose become dilated and darken. Over-the-counter saline spray can help relieve nasal congestion, gradually lightening your dark circles.


Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition in which areas of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. Factors such as sun exposure, genetics, or even hormonal imbalance can all cause hyperpigmentation.

Generally speaking, treatment options include lightening creams, chemical peels, laser therapy and anti-dark circle thread treatment.


When one is stressed, there will be more blood directed to the main organs where it is needed rather than to the face, which leaves you looking drained and pasty. The contrast between the rest of your skin and the circles beneath your eyes, makes the dark circles appear more visible.

If you are feeling too stressed, perhaps it’s time to take a break. Listen to some soothing music or work out to send oxygen-rich blood back to your skin cells and lighten your dark circles!

 Poor Diet: Excess Consumption of Salt

Salt, when consumed in excess, causes fluid retention throughout your body—including underneath your eyes. Limit your salt intake to a healthy level, and avoid processed foods. Try and substitute table salt for healthier options such as herbs and spices and you might see the change!


As we age, our skin becomes thinner and our body loses collagen, thus enhancing the appearance of blood vessels beneath the eyes and making the area appear darker.

While we cannot stop signs of ageing, we can do a lot to ensure that we age gracefully. Healthier diet, getting adequate rest, maintaining your stress level all helps to improve the skin tone, texture and quality.

For those of you who have tried various methods and still suffer from persistent dark circles, our latest Korean treatment- The Magic Eraser Dark Circle Treatment helps to lighten your under-eye dark circles in a fast, safe and effective manner. You can give us a call at +65 6871 8888 or make an appointment at our clinic to speak with our medical consultants to find out more today.

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