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Suhwa Hydralift

Suhwa Hydralift Treatment uses a hyaluronic based cocktail as a minimally-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment for that watery-shine complexion (mul-kwang pibu) seen on many Korean celebrities. Like a liquid facelift, additional filler injection on specific areas can lift and restore volume for more youthful facial contours.

During consultation, the surgeon will assess the patient’s skin condition and formulate the cocktail based on his or her needs. Unlike normal filler injection, the cocktail is infused into the dermis and epidermis layers and acts as a skin protection barrier against dehydration and early signs of ageing.

When infused into the deeper layers of your skin, the treatment not only boosts hydration, but also treats fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage, tones the skin, restores radiance, lightens acne scarring and improves overall skin quality. Other than using it as a facial treatment, it can also address similar concerns on the neck, décolletage, chest and the back of your hands for more youthful looking skin.

After treatment, skin looks natural and it does not affect one’s facial expression. Overall improvements are visible after one treatment and subsequent follow-up treatments can help to prolong that soft, plump and translucent complexion seen on many Korean celebrities. This treatment requires minimal downtime and with our treatment protocol, results can be prolonged with treatment intervals done 1 to 4 months apart.

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