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Facial Fat Grafting

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All-in-one grafting of microscopic fat tissue involves injecting less than 0.05cc of refined microscopic fat into the panniculus. There is a reason why a minimum amount of microscopic fat is injected. Blood vessels are generated between fat cells to allow an even spread between internal tissues. This also ensures a high survival rate of cells.

Target Region & Its Effect

This surgery is recommended for areas that lack fatty tissue. For example, it is helpful for sunken upper eyelids, temporal regions, the forehead or deep wrinkles around the nose and the mouth.  This can improve the look of a sunken region due to the lack of fat. In addition, this can give breasts or buttocks volume, and it is very effective for other regions with hollow scars where fat is lacking. Learn more about the benefits of fat grafting here.

Surgery Time & The Amount Of Fat Grafted

The fat is usually extracted from an abdominal region, or from the thigh under the hip for a lean person.

Dream also offers 'facial fat grafting', which is a way of injecting 60~90cc fat (180~270cc extracted based on the suction rate) into ideal regions evenly, in accordance with the amount of refined fat and ensuring safe grafting. 

After surgery, the grafting adds a more youthful and dramatic shape with the look of having baby fat.

  • 4 weeks: injected cells take their place, which in turn gives the person an elastic and appealing shape.
  • 2 months: as the swelling subsides, some volume (20~30%) is correspondingly reduced.
  • 2~6 months: the functions of grafted cells are temporarily suppressed, causing an uncertain reduction of volume. 
  • After 6 months: finally, grafted fat tissues settle down completely and become semi-permanent.
Areas Suitable For Microscopic Fat Grafting & Its Effects

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During your consultation, we can include a virtual simulation to explore the types of surgical outcomes you can get from this procedure.

Precautions Before & After Autoplastic Grafting Of Microscopic Fat

Preparations before surgery

  • It is recommended to wash the face completely and remove all makeup since the face cannot be washed for a few days following fat grafting.
  • Wearing jewellery or accessories is not recommended just before surgery. If possible, undergarments in contact with areas undergoing fat extraction should not be worn.
  • It is important to fully disclose one's medical history to the specialists, especially those involving high blood pressure, diabetes, medication containing steroids or traditional medicines.


If you would like to view some before & after pictures, get a Virtual Simulation of the types of surgical outcomes or find out how we can customise your procedure results, contact us at 65 6871 8888 or fill in our enquiry form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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